A Signature Course

I like to play the game of golf. Especially with my son & my friends. I enjoy the challenge of trying to repeat with consistency the neccesary fundamentals required for a succesful golf swing. If I cando that, I strike the ball nicely and the result is satisfying. Then the challenge repeats. At the end of the course, if I have prevailed in the face of changing geography, wind, and various other conditions I will have a score equal to or better than “Par”. If not, I will recount what led to my excessive number of strokes and thus a score that can be improved on.

In Hebrews 12:1 we read  “Therefore, since w e are surronded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race (course) that is set before us”

Designed by Donald J. Ross, ASGCA, the Immergrun golf course in Loretto, PA opened in 1917. Charles Schwab had it constructed as part of his $33 million dollar estate. It was his course and to this day reminds everyone that Charles was a “lefty”. Each hole favors the slice of such a golfer. I have played the course a few times and while I enjoy playing most any course, this course is particularly challenging because it is best suited for lefty golfers of which I am not.

This verse in Hebrews reminds me that God has laid out a course for me that is suited for me. When I constantly abide (John 15) in Him, on His course for me, I realize that my heavenly father provides all that I need. He is the course designer, and His design is one where He gets the glory.

You are on a course today my friend that may not be the one you prefer. But the fundamentals are the same, put off the weight & sin that is clinging to you, remain on the course, and with endurance (patience), repeat, again and again and again….

We are surrounded by many who are watching.                                                                

Every choice matters! Pastor Don

      1 st Tee, Immergrun Golf Course, Loretto, PA

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Got a “piece of the ROCK”?

For 13 years I worked for a company that utilized this as their ad slogan. In fact it was at one time considered one of the most effective brands ever. I believe, because the slogan was usually attached to a picture or likeness of the Rock of Gibraltar, it communicated a message of something secure, something you can count on…

In Psalm 71:3, the writer refers to God as his rock of refuge and his rock &  fortress. Throughout the 71st Psalm, the psalmist reflects the depth of his knowledge of the Psalms as he refers or alludes some 50 times to the truths of other Psalms proclaiming God’s goodness, strength, power, mercy & grace.

I gotta say, after reading this Psalm over and over and meditating on it for the past two months, I have one thought fixed in my mind. I do not want a “PIECE” of the rock, I want the whole thing! Not the commercialized rock of Gibraltar, but GOD, my rock, my refuge, my fortress.

With God, I have a firm, secure foundation, sure the beach is softer and calls to me, but the solid foundation I have in God will never shift or change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

A refuge and fortress are most valuable to those who inhabit there when safety, security, and guarentees are needed most. When attacks, even relentless attacks are at hand, a fortress is a great place to be. When one senses a need for reprieve and rest, a retreat if you will, what better place to seek than God our “refuge”?

I love to sing a hymn that has in it the words; “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand”.

Is He your Rock, your Rock of refuge, your fortress? He is mighty to save! Trust Him today!

This Sunday I will be giving part 2 of Giving Living – Giving Storms, from Psalm 71. Be a blessing to someone today!



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Smooth (radio) operator?

  • A radio operator in the military has a very important job. The success of a mission depends upon their ability to accurately and clearly communicate the message they have been given to the next person. It is not up to them to edit the content of the message nor is it their duty to paraphrase a particular order. If they do anything but relay the message exactly as it was given, in the timely manner expected by the one issuing the message, there could be tragic consequences.
    My friend Brandon serves within an Army communications unit. His position calls for him to have a very high level of security clearance. That means the U.S. Army believes he will exercise discernment with the knowledge he secured in the course of his day.
  • How are we doing in relaying the message of the Gospel and of God’s Word? The Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) is God’s message and we are to proclaim the truth of it in love to those we live with, work with, play with and fellowship with. How are we doing?
  • Secondly how would we be graded on our discernment? Would our family friends and acquaintances give us high security clearance in regards to information gained in the course of our day? Are we able to rightly divide the Word of truth and bear one another’s burdens in a God honoring way? Are we able to esteem others better than ourselves and in doing so, hold our tongue? (James Chapter 3)
  • By accurately & clearly relaying our Commander’s message we will provoke one another to good works! (Hebrews 10:24)
  • Hope to see you at 8:15 or 11:00 am tomorrow :)
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My Grandpa

My Grandpa, Donald W. Meckley, turned 90 Thursday June 2. I guess I’ve had enough birthdays myself that this caused me to wax nostalgic. In a split second my mind raced back to my childhood memories of Sunday trips to Grandpa’s where my sister and I would find various ways to pass the time on the farm while the adults sat on the porch swing and talked. While we were rolling down the hill to see how dizzy we could make ourselves, climbing the trees in the orchard, jumping into haystacks, or playing hide n seek in the barn, the adults talked. At the time it seemed very boring to waste all that time talking when they could be doing something.

But yesterday when I called Grandpa, I anticipated talking to him, to hear how he was doing and what was happening in his life. While I can’t be on the porch with him today, technology has made a way for me to talk with him even though he is more than 300 miles away!

God made a way for us to talk with Him. Because of Jesus, we can pray without ceasing. But, are we too busy looking for something to do?

By the way, if you would like to be a blessing to one more person today, drop my Grandpa a note today and pray for him to continue to be a blessing in his 90th year! (670 W. Bridge Street, Westover, Pa 16692)

Hope you can be with us this Sunday, June 5th as we celebrate the Lord’s table,  and continue our series on “Giving Living”.

Because He lives!


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